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camper’s cuisine

We work hard to keep food interesting for our kids And one of the experiences that really gets our family excited is outdoor cooking while on our yearly camping trips. The adventure begins long before the actual cooking does: choosing the food, packing the food, deciding what can be cooked on a fire and counting out the marshmallows. We get the whole family involved. Over the years, we’ve figured out what works best and what most delights hungry campers’ bellies! Here are my top 10 recommendations based on yummy factor and travel durability:

  • mini boxes of cereal
  • s’mores ingredients
  • small watermelon/bananas/apples
  • tortillas
  • salsa
  • eggs
  • canned beans
  • fresh, vacuum-sealed pasta
  • canned tomatoes
  • milk/cheese/butter

I’m not a big fan of uncooked meat with an unpredictable cooling system, but have had great success with pre-cooking ground turkey and re-heating for some outdoor tacos! For pasta dishes, we boil water on the camp stove and over the fire we’ll have a cast iron pan filled with diced tomatoes, pre-cooked meat (if we brought it) and any seasonings/herbs that we’ve brought from home. Although hot dogs on sticks are always a delight, road side corn-on-the-cob soaked in water while you’re at the beach (husks on) can also be cooked right on the grill of your camp fire (husks still on) and taste deliciously roasted once they’re done! We also bring a tabletop water dispenser that’s filled up at home and used for washing hands/food and providing cooking water. Get creative and bring foods that can also be used for a warm, energy-fueling breakfast. I’ll sign off here with a photo of some huevos rancheros made from leftover tortillas, salsa and eggs.


Louise Gleeson is a freelance journalist and mother of four. Her professional portfolio can be viewed at and you can follow along as she shares stories from everyday life on her blog at  You can also find her on twitter @louisegleeson


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Everything Green for March

Green with envy it’s March! Or is it the fact that I have Irish roots? Either way I love this month. I will share with you my own personal favorite green vegetables and what you can do with them be it crafts, or recipes. I will also talk about some great green fruits and what crafts, and recipes I’d like to share with you. Starting this year because my boys are 2 & 3 years old I have a fun ritual that I found on pinterest. I will start this tradition this year, I’m excited for their reactions!

A bowl of lucky charm cereal (only on this day) I’m not a personal fan of sugar cereal (however once in a while is A.OK with me) & a glass of milk with some green food colouring is absolutely the best way to wake up on St. Patrick’s Day! I will follow-up after March 17th with my own photos with my boys enjoying this once a year treat! If you end up doing this with your little one(s) please feel free to share your personal photos! You can always post them on Baby Yums fan page If you have any traditions you’re doing with your little ones to celebrate this day please comment below and let us know what you do!

Looking for some fun crafts for this month to do with the Kids? I have a two and three yo and both very active boys. There is nothing more fun then a messy craft! I’m looking forward to spring so we can get out and enjoy the great outdoors and do more fun crafts!! Here are a few of our personal favorites! I will post “original” post to crafts!

Wee little shamrock men

hand print leprechaun’s

St. Patrick’s Day free printable

Here are some great green veggies & fruit plates that are fun to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day along with a few fun recipes for older kids! Original link posted!

Nothing says a Pot of Gold like Jello! A great treat for any age!

Here is a good one for little eaters (you can omit salt & use unsalted butter)
Green Pea Puree

  • 3 10-oz. packages frozen peas
  • 2 bunches watercress
  • 1 cup canned chicken broth
    3 tbsp. butter
  • Salt

    1. In a saucepan, cook the peas and watercress in the stock. Bring to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes. Remove the vegetables from the pan with a slotted spoon and put into a food processor with the butter, leaving the stock in the pan. Add stock until the puree is smooth and thick, with the consistency of creamy mashed potatoes. Makes 8 to 10 servings

Heres a really cute one for pre-school children Leprechaun lunch
here is a great “green veggie dish! you can also turn this into a shamrock stamping craft. ENJOY!!! or you can also be creative and make a rainbow out of a bunch of fruit a great healthy snack!

Please share with use your go to creative breakfast, snacks, lunch & dinners. I will be posting a dinner recipe that is in our newsletter. If you’d like to sign up for Baby Yums newsletter click here. It’s only published once a month! Great little read!

Looking forward to seeing all of your comments.

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It’s all in the cookie cutters at our house.

It’s all in the cookie cutters at our house.

A couple of months ago, I realized my own boredom, when it came to packing my kids’ lunches, was starting to affect which foods were going to school. I was falling into the trap of choosing “convenience” foods because they were easy. It was a disappointing realization, because I really believe in teaching my children the value of good and healthy eating; I was a mama who made all my own baby food, after all.

In the New Year, I declared a change was in order. I went online, I read blogs, I floated around on Pinterest. I found beautiful lunches, that I wanted to eat myself! And more importantly, I saw beautiful messages in those lunches. They seemed to say, “I picked the best and healthiest foods for you because I love you.”

And so the, lunchbox revolution, began at our house. I opted for the Bento Box style so portions are appropriate for their appetites and healthy choices are on display as soon they pop the lid open.

Since my very rudimentary beginning, I’ve continued to find inspiration online, but I’ve also started to throw in some of my own ideas. Mini cookie cutters are my new addiction. At least one of them comes out to play each day: high fives for test and presentation days, a wee heart to ease worries, and a wiener dog when some giggles are in order.

I also stared packing fun mini-muffin liners with treats like popcorn or jelly beans, because I feel the small portion helps them to appreciate the idea these foods are a treat, not a food choice. I think they also show the kids how much fun you can have with food.

The best outcome for me is the fact my kids’ lunchboxes are coming home empty and even better, the notes from teachers about my son having a rough day have disappeared – it seems the fact he used to leave his lunch uneaten was taking its toll.

If you’re struggling with filling lunch boxes, find a great starting point; there are many. Just start reading, there’s inspiration and heart-shaped cheese everywhere!


Louise Gleeson is a freelance journalist and mother of four. Her professional portfolio can be viewed at and you can follow along as she shares stories from everyday life on her blog at  You can also find her on twitter @louisegleeson

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Our school ritual-every morning

Trying to get my 3 school age children off to school in the morning and my 3 YO daughter ready for her day every morning has become a daunting task. I get up a little over an hour before they do so I can get a shower in, and get their lunches made and have a coffee and feel human before the chaos starts.

I try to make mornings run as smooth as possible but that doesn’t always work.  we are in fact a rather large family by today’s standards. I have also taken on the responsibility of babysitting my 1YO niece during the week which means my morning rush has gotten a little busier.

I came up with my routine a few years ago….ok so 8 is a little more than a few but it works and I refuse to stray from it even though doing the exact same thing, at the exact same time, every day for 8 years becomes monotonous. The only thing that has changed is the number of kids thrown into the mix but they adapt quite well.

They get up at 7 am every morning, get themselves dressed, come down stairs and make their own breakfast, they go back up to wash their faces and hands, and brush their teeth and hair. At 8:30 they get their snow suits on and wait to leave for school. every morning I check their homework and agenda’s and pack their school bags so there are rarely any surprises.

Lunches can be tough sometimes, especially when all my kids are very different and all like different things. Not to mention the fact that I have to be conscious of the ingredient list on everything that goes into their lunches. Their lunches have to be peanut/ tree nut free and now shell-fish free…who sends shell-fish to school with their kids anyways? I also like to go a step further and try very hard to minimize my children’s sugar intake just so that they aren’t behaving like wild animals at school.

Despite the lack of things kids can take to school ( and my children’s dis-like for all things that look like sandwiches) they do have great lunches. here is what my kids take to school ( with very little variation)

– cheese string ,yogurt tube (frozen)

– clementine, whole grain crackers

– bear paw cookie, fruit snacks

and they get milk at school.  Every now and then we switch things up just a little but not a whole lot. Once in a while i send a luncheables with them but it’s usually just the ones that are cheese, crackers and meat, I’ve tried to send pizza bagels or grilled cheeses, but they don’t eat them. I never put anything loaded in sugar.

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Mom who loves food! Now it’s preschool lunches & snacks!

I don’t know about you but it just hit me hard. August is just fast forwarding way to quick. I’m swamped with Baby Yums orders. *Smiles* as I love what I do and I enjoy knowing that there are children eating healthy choice meals. I’m also now realizing that every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons I will have to pack a good healthy lunch for my son. Never really thought about packing up and sending him off.

So for starters I bought a great lunch box for him easy to open great to label and eco-friendly. Goodbyn Bynto Kit – Blueberry by Goodbyn Here is a photo of what I bought  & the website that I purchased it from. Nayla Natural Care  One personal thing about me is I’m a huge supporter of “Mom’s who support Mom’s” There are a bunch of great products listed on the website needless to say I’ve bought a few things.

So back to school lunches & baby food business Baby Yums. I plan my day around orders that I receive. Cooking all day, making sure dinner is put on the table with  healthy choices. Next on my to do list is making sure that I have healthy nut free and egg free food choices for my son. This is the next chapter in our family life that I will have to keep going forward with as there is no stopping now.

I’d like to share with you a few of my own fun easy quick-lunch/snack suggestions for preschoolers or junior/senior kindergarten children. I’m sure there are a lot of other Mom’s, Dad’s and caregivers out there starting to think “What am I going to do”. With many great websites out there with tips, tricks, recipes and all that “Back to school crazes” I will give you my top 10 rotation so this will give myself a 3 week rotation of different food choices” please feel free to post in the comment box below your Top 3 picks for lunch favorites.

Here is my own personal Top 10 pics for preschool lunch & snacks enjoy!

1. chickpeas & cherry tomato salad, grilled chicken strips (2), cubed cheese with a few crackers, grapes & peaches

2. turkey and cheese roll ups on a multigrain tortilla, strawberries and raisins, goldfish fishes,

3. homemade pizza, yogurt, apples & cinnamon, homemade chocolate chip cookies (2)

4. tuna salad sandwich on a hot dog bun, orange & honeydew salad, raisin bran muffin, cheese & rice crackers

5. mini Quiche, crackers, grapes & banana, mini yogurt muffins (2), rice cake

6. jam sandwiches (I use strawberry or raspberry),  carrots and cucumbers with tzatziki dip, pineapple & pears

7. whole grain pita stuffed tuna & cucumbers, kiwi, yogurt, red & orange peppers with cottage cheese *I put cinnamon* in my sons he gobbles it up that way

8. chili, baked tortilla or pita chips & homemade guacamole, vanilla rice pudding (homemade) pineapple & applesauce

9. avocado, carrot & ham salad, hummas with celery, carrot sticks, cheese, blueberries & apples

10. homemade mac & cheese, homemade bisque, fruit leather, kiwi & blueberries
Anyone who would like a copy of any of the recipes I’d be happy to e-mail you them. All you have to do is send an e-mail to subject: Preschool I will be more than happy to share with you.

Once school starts I will post some photos and who knows I may start to also think outside the box and not do such a rotation. Please share your preschoolers fave snack & lunches. Any tip & tricks that helped you along the way. This is a new adventure all together for my son & myself for that matter. I’m excited for preschool and excited to make his lunches as much as I love-making Baby Yums

Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @babyyums  & like us on Facebook Baby Yums or e-mail for any questions you may have. I can also be reached at 613-301-0946

Enjoy your Back to School Preschool Lunch & Sacks

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