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50% off Baby Yums Summer Sale!

Starting today! Monday July 23rd 2012
We’re having our 50% off Summer Sale!!

WOW We hit 700 Facebook Fans!!
Thank-you Thank-You Thank-UUUUUUUUU

So as stated on our fan page once we hit 700 Fans that we would have a 50% off sale!*

What’s half off
Any 2 ounce size order reg: $30.00 now $15.00
Any 5 ounce size order reg: $35.00 now $18.00
Mini pancakes reg: $30.00 now $15.00
*all 1 ounce portions stay the same at $15.00 and same with our teething cookies still $5.00*
When placing your order with Baby Yums all orders must be paid in full before orders are made
Also any orders pending after 5 days without payment and or response will be automatically canceled. NO exceptions

**Please note: order volume will be high at the 50% off Summer Sale. Each order will be done in a first come first serve base. I will confirm order/ respond with a pick-up or delivery date in a timely manner. So bear with me during this time. Thank-You!

50% Summer Sale Ends Thursday July 26th!
4 Days to get your order in!

Don’t forget our 5 new Baby Yums dishes not listed on our website

**Delivery charge of $10.00 remains the same**

Any further questions feel free to e-mail


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added six new meals

Have you heard Baby Yums has added 6 new meals to choose from. Please note they are not added on our website however they are listed in our July newsletter. I have also posted them on our fan page . Now I’m promoting them here so that everyone will have a go to spot to check them out quick.

Here is a list of the new food choices: (if you would like the ingredients all you have to do is e-mail to ask and I will provide  you with all the info) just in case of allergies.

~Chicken sliders
~Cottage Pie
~Turkey Meatballs & Spaghetti
~Chicken & Apricot Curry
~Carrots & Broccoli
~Chowder Soup

**Extra Extra** We are only 15 Fans away from our 50% off Summer deal! Once we reach 700 fan we will offer half off our prices! So don’t forget to tell all your pals that have wee-ones

Summer Sale!

When we reach 700 fans you will be able to get 50% off!!!

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Winner of the $15.00 gift certificate!

Congrats to Schone Greer who won the $15 gift certificate from Baby Yums

Thank-you for participating if you could send me an e-mail with your mailing address that would be great. You can send it to

**I used to select the winner** everyone was given a number 1-8 I just marked everyone 1-8 depending on what number your post was on our fan page.

Here is a photo taken of

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500 Fanpage Giveaway!

We finally did it!! I say “we” because we’re all fans of Baby Yums!

So here are the details of the 500 Facebook Fanpage Giveaway

We have 5 prizes to give away to five lucky Fans of Baby Yums!

Here is what you need to do to ENTER!!

1. Upload a video of your little one eating Baby Yums. You can find the tab on the left hand side on the side bar called “NEW TAB 1”

2. Let your family & friends & co-workers  to vote on your video by liking Baby Yums & liking the video **MUST LIKE BOTH FOR VOTE TO COUNT**

3. You must also “like” all of the great sponsors who have given great prizes for each 5 gift packages! Tell them Baby Yums sent you

Here is the list of pages to “like”

~Baby’s Breath Design (donated 5 reusable snack bags)
~Baby Yums ($20.00 gift certificate)
~BeautiControl  (donated samples for each gift basket)
~Bumblebaby Diapers (donated $10.00 gift certificate for each basket)
~Couture Kids (donated $5.00 gift certificate for each basket)
~Discovery Toys with Krista (donated $10.00 gift certificate for each basket)
~Love Loud Photography (donated $25.00 gift certificate for each basket)
~Sew That’s It (donated 5 reusable snack bags)
~Tim Hortons (from Baby Yums something a little extra $5.00 donated for each basket)

4. We have 5 gift baskets to give away all will include the same thing in each basket. Each gift basket is worth approximant $70.00 worth of goodies!

500 Fan Giveaway Baby Yums Video Contest

The Rules are as follows:

1. Must live in the Ottawa or surrounding areas

2. You must like each of our sponsors page that have donated prize packages for these gift baskets. ( Our blog post will have more info re: the individual pages (

3. You must upload a photo of your child(ren) eating Baby Yums You don’t have to show the packaged food however you may if you’d like and also in the video comment on what Baby Yums food choice your child is eating. Once video is submitted I will personally post them on the fan page then the voting begins

4. You must get people to like your video after it’s been posted by Baby Yums (once submitted)

5. We have 5 gift baskets for the top 5 videos with the most votes will win a prize package. In case of a tie a number 1-10 will be picked by each person then I will use to pick number closet winner will win. *If tie for 5th basket place*

6. Contest Starts January 23rd and Contest closes February 29th at 7:59m. Once contest is closed I will e-mail the top 5 winners and make an announcement on who the winners are via our Blog Post!
GOOD LUCK TO ALL AND HAPPY VIDEOTAPING!! (Please keep video short and sweet no longer than 2 min please.)

If you need any additional info please e-mail

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to Baby Yums and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for Baby Yums


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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’d like to take this time to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I will share with you some of our long time family traditions. Feel free to comment below and share yours. Before children Thanksgiving was always a great start to the fall season. Everyone in jeans and big chunky sweaters. (Not tomorrow with the temps we’re suppose to have) but anyhow growing up it was my favorite holiday just because I knew Christmas was around the corner. Every Thanksgiving one of my family members hosts Thanksgiving (I’m thankful I’m not given this task) as there is over 16+ people to feed. Do any of you have to feed that many people and if so how do you do it? Eventually I’d love to host but will wait till my boys are older (so maybe they can help out)

On our Thanksgiving menu we usually have the following:
mashed potatoes
butternut squash
dinner rolls
& for dessert apple pie & pumpkin pie

this menu has not changed after the kids came along. We still do the same thing each year. Because my husband’s family lives out-of-town we don’t have the 2 or 3 turkey dinners. In fact this year we will be having our family (hubby & both boys) a scaled down Thanksgiving dinner (Turkey, Stuffing, Turnip, gravy, cranberries & pumpkin pie.

If you’d like the recipes that I use for the cranberries & pumpkin pie send an e-mail to I will be more than happy to share with you.

Here is a list of things I’m thankful for this 2011 year:

A healthy family and to beautiful boys
A wonderful loving husband
All my family and friends and customers who show me support with Baby Yums
The house I live in
The food I’m able to eat and share each day to survive
most of all I’m thankful to be living this life

here is one family tradition we as a whole do each year. We do sitdown meals the whole 16+ & during dinner we go around the table and tell everyone what we are most thankful for on this day. It has always been a tradition that I will pass on to my boys. Just makes you reflect a little deeper in the meaning on what is for giving & thanks.

I leave you on this note:
Baby Yums has a deal for Thanksgiving weekend. Because I would like to give you something all you have to do is e-mail the deal you think would be best for you from Baby Yums (example: Buy 3 orders get 1 free) that sort of deal when you e-mail me and I like your deal the deal is yours. If I think it needs to be modified a little I will let you know. This is my Thanks to you and my giving back.

Hope everyone is stuffed after this weekend only 2 months till Christmas (just saying)


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Have you heard about the deals?

Have you heard about the deals that Baby Yums is having? We have a bunch of exciting deals for the month of September.

First deal is our “Deal of the Day”. This is great for sampling a few goodies that Baby Yums has to offer. If you go to our fanpage you will notice our deal of the day is located under DISCUSSIONS. It’s real easy how you can take advantage of our deal of the day. All you have to do is make a comment below the “deal of the day” and it’s yours. The price and all addition information is located there for you. What is included in the deal of the day, where it can be picked up and contact info.

Another great deal that Baby Yums is buy 24 teething cookies for $10.00 and get 1 reusable  snack bag from Baby’s Breath design. There is still 6 free bags to give away. Once they are all gone don’t worry you can place an order with Baby’s Breath design .  Baby Yums September promotion will also have the opportunity to get one free small reusable snack bag with the purchase of any set of 3 reusable bags! To take advantage of this special offer send me an email at with the promo code is BBD09

If you have not heard the spotlight fruit of the month is Apples. We’re looking for great recipes that include apples. Feel free to post your favorite apple recipe or e-mail and share!

Any questions please feel free to e-mail me. Take advantage of some great deals!!

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Fan Friday!

Do you want to be a featured Fan on our page for Friday? Send me an e-mail

If you are a chosen Fan for Friday! You will get $5.00 off your order & a free sample of Baby Yums teething cookies!


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