Another approach to HEAD LICE!!!

Keeping the kids bug free when you have 4 kids is always a challenge. I have always loved a good challenge. I’m not talking about just any old bugs, im talking about lice. I’ve been told that kindergarten is a hot spot for lice and its a constant battle. now that my youngest daughter is in school this year, I think its very important that I stay a step ahead of it.

I usually don’t worry too much about the boys getting lice because I try to keep their hair short and I generally put tea tree oil in their shampoo. The girls having longer hair, I try to enforce the ‘dont share hats, combs or whatever rule’ as well as using the tea tree spiked shampoo and lots of conditioner. I also spend an obsene amount of time picking through their hair and tie it up in nice tight braids.

3 years ago, my oldest daughter brought home head lice, so like the OCD mom that I am, I went at this with a game plan. The two girls had gotten them so, first I doused everyone’s head in tea tree oil, then I used Avon skin so soft jellied bath oil to smother the lice and eggs, that stayed on for a couple of hours.

Because my youngest was so small I didn’t want to use the shampoo from the drug store because it is considered a pesticide so i took a different approach. Knowing that you need to kill the bugs, slide the eggs out and smother what you miss, these are the tools I used and yes they worked very well

I went through the house and vacuumed all the furniture, washed all the blankets in scalding hot water, and put all the toys in garbage bags. after all of that, I went through the house with the bug spray and did the walls, windows and every other hard surface I could find.

I sat each of the girls down and slowly picked through their hair with a very fine comb and a towel to wipe the nits and dead bugs off on. It took me hours to go through their hair but I did it. then I washed the oil out of their hair and ran a bit of tea tree oil through it for good measure.  We have never encountered it since ( knock on wood and fingers crossed).




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