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And so begins back to school crunch time-as I like to call it. With just a bit less than 2 weeks left of summer vacation, I would like to think that I am just about ready to send my kids back to school.

The question is, are they ready? Have I checked and re-checked my back to school to do/ to buy/ already have list? Have I put my children’s names on all their belongings in black sharpy? Have I made a groceries list of school approved snacks, made sure that I have drink and snack containers that are easy enough to open for all 4 of my children?

The answer, if you were wondering, is YES!! I am ready for back to school…for the most part. the last thing on my list is new clothes but that will be done probably tomorrow. How do I stay organized all year-long? many different colored post it notes and two or three very large wall calendars, a large 4 subject note-book, as well as the memo app on my iPhone.

Here is a sample of my lists as I write them down in my note-book before they end up on post its and memos and calendars.

  • To buy:
    calculators  x 3,
    protractor set  x  2,
    Pencils  x 3,
    Pencil crayons x 3,
    Markers  x 3,
    erasers x 3,
    pencil sharpeners  x 3,
    crayons  x 1,
    Indoor shoes x 4
    all 4 kids need jeans, shirts, underpants and socks
  • Already have:
    Backpacks  x 4,
    Lunch bags  x 4,
    Outdoor shoes x 4,
    Pencil cases  x 3,
    flexible Rulers x 3,
  • To Do:
    Pack supplies in pencil cases
    write names on shoes,
    cases and bags with sharpy
    hang pre packed bags on hooks in closet
    Organize fridge and cupboard for quick and easy access to their favorite snacks
    freeze a bunch of yogurt tubes
    make breakfast muffins, oatmeal, carrot, banana

And there you have one of my many lists.It’s not written the exact way I would have written it down but it is what it is. I have lists for everything and usually start planning for the first day of school on the last day of the previous school year. I start planning for things usually about 2 months in advance. my next gigantic list will be christmas. this will take the most planning and will probably be my november blog post.


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