Hello, Baby Yums World!

Hello, Baby Yums World!

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to be guest-blogging today for Crystal at Baby Yums! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be a part of the Baby Yums blog every month!

My name is Mama Lego and I write over at Healthy Foodies, Losing Booties! I am so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and passing on health and fitness tools (that I’m learning about every day!) for my kids to use in their lives daily. You can also find me on Twitter (finally just made an account!) https://twitter.com/MamaLego and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/MamaLegosHappyPlace


Apples = GOOD! Candy = well, good, but BAD!

I figured for my first post, I’d give you a bit of my background.

So, it’s no secret that I was a chubby girl for the majority of my life. I liked to eat. Lots. Healthy stuff too, like ice cream (calcium!), kraft dinner with hot dogs (there’s milk in the cheese mix! And protein in the wieners!), pizza (vegetable toppings, tomato sauce), and Doritoes (well that’s just a feel-good food).


this is me at my largest, holding my baby boy

I wasn’t overly physically active as a kid. Or as a teen. Or as a young adult. Or (meh, you get the picture). The most running I did was chasing after those ice cream boys pushing their carts on a bicycle? (dickidees, I think they were called?).

And shamefully, the most exercise I got as an adult was delivering my babies (ashamed of my lack of exercise, not the part about having my babies! They’re really cool!).

As the days turned to months, my babies got bigger, I got bigger (well, wider) and I was finding it hard to keep up with my kids. We did lots of puzzles, lots of reading, tons of cuddling … And zero physical activity. Being active was rare for us.

Don’t worry, this story gets better.

Everything changed this past February. My husband and I kick-started our family (Team Lego!) into a healthy, active life. We rarely eat out anymore (we KNOW what goes into our homemade meals!), we live at our local Farm Boy, and are CoNsTaNtLy on the go. Soccer. Park. Walks. Tag.


Post-run picture with my babies 🙂

I’ve taken up running. ME! RUNNING! And I’m in love with it. The reformed couch potato is now a fitness enthusiast. Who’d have ever thought?!

I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my life. Awesome husband, incredible kids, making healthy food choices that makes me body feel great, and happily exercising. I’m learning so much about nutrition and fitness and have become such a dork about them!

I’ve lost fifty pounds now on my weight loss journey .. I have lots left to lose, which means I’ll have lots left to blog about. I can’t wait to continue sharing my stories with you!


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