Rainy day with the kidlets

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Finally!! after a month without rain, it’s been pouring all morning without any signs of stopping. To some people this doesn’t mean much other than the plants will be happy and the dog will smell bad. To me, it simply means, keeping 4 kids busy and happy all at the same time and prevent fighting and hope they don’t wake daddy up since he’s on nights and needs to sleep the majority of the day.

challenge accepted!!

Having kids of ages varying from 3-12 sometimes its difficult to keep everyone happy all at the same time. So for today’s activities, I think we will bake cookies and decorate them, a Wii fit challenge I think is a must with my older kids today. mama must take back the crown! With the younger two, crafts and play dough are always a hit , however, I think today would be a great day to make bath bombs with the two girls. The boys might even enjoy it.

I think first, we will start with making and decorating gingerbread cookies and since this is always a fun yet very sticky activity, we will make some fun colorful bath bombs to play with in the bath this afternoon.

Here is the super easy recipe I use for the kids bath bombs.

2 cups baking soda

1.5 cups citric acid

2 oz  almond oil… add food color to the oil if you wish. just a couple drops should do.

1 oz orange essential oil

1.5 oz witch hazel in a spray bottle

In a large bowl, mix your dry ingredients, add your oils an oz at a time starting with the essential oil, making sure they are thoroughly mixed. Mixture should be the consistency of wet sand and stick together very well, if not, mist with the witch hazel and try to mold it again. mixture will fizzle a bit but will stop.

use a metal ice cream scoop of any size you chose or use a silicone mold to make different shapes. let dry thoroughly.

* If you are going to use a silicone mold, do not re-use this mold for food, as the essential oils tend to seep into the silicone and can be transferred into the food.

My kids enjoy making bath bombs with me. the kids love picking new scents and making the bombs in different shapes and sizes and colors. My next project will be trying my hand at making soaps and lip balms. Having kids with skin allergies, it is very important to me to find things that they can use. I have recently discovered that my daughter who has a bee allergy also reacts to bees-wax. Luckily she doesn’t have an anaphylactic reaction.


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  1. Liesl said

    I just replied to your comment on my blog and see here you did get some rain! Great. Hope you enjoyed the rainy day fun. (And your plants soaked up all the goodness!)

    Great recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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