50% off Baby Yums Summer Sale!

Starting today! Monday July 23rd 2012
We’re having our 50% off Summer Sale!!

WOW We hit 700 Facebook Fans!!
Thank-you Thank-You Thank-UUUUUUUUU

So as stated on our fan page once we hit 700 Fans that we would have a 50% off sale!*

What’s half off
Any 2 ounce size order reg: $30.00 now $15.00
Any 5 ounce size order reg: $35.00 now $18.00
Mini pancakes reg: $30.00 now $15.00
*all 1 ounce portions stay the same at $15.00 and same with our teething cookies still $5.00*
When placing your order with Baby Yums all orders must be paid in full before orders are made
Also any orders pending after 5 days without payment and or response will be automatically canceled. NO exceptions

**Please note: order volume will be high at the 50% off Summer Sale. Each order will be done in a first come first serve base. I will confirm order/ respond with a pick-up or delivery date in a timely manner. So bear with me during this time. Thank-You!

50% Summer Sale Ends Thursday July 26th!
4 Days to get your order in!

Don’t forget our 5 new Baby Yums dishes not listed on our website

**Delivery charge of $10.00 remains the same**

Any further questions feel free to e-mail info@babyyums.com


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