added six new meals

Have you heard Baby Yums has added 6 new meals to choose from. Please note they are not added on our website however they are listed in our July newsletter. I have also posted them on our fan page . Now I’m promoting them here so that everyone will have a go to spot to check them out quick.

Here is a list of the new food choices: (if you would like the ingredients all you have to do is e-mail to ask and I will provide  you with all the info) just in case of allergies.

~Chicken sliders
~Cottage Pie
~Turkey Meatballs & Spaghetti
~Chicken & Apricot Curry
~Carrots & Broccoli
~Chowder Soup

**Extra Extra** We are only 15 Fans away from our 50% off Summer deal! Once we reach 700 fan we will offer half off our prices! So don’t forget to tell all your pals that have wee-ones

Summer Sale!

When we reach 700 fans you will be able to get 50% off!!!


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