those Jetsons were onto something

those Jetsons were onto something

I’ve talked about my Tuesday mornings before. It’s the morning that comes along every week and turns me into a hysterical Jetson-wannabe. Four kids, three different drop offs. It doesn’t matter how organized I think I am the night before, we are always running late.

Which then fills my brain with distracting ideas about how we could improve our morning routine:

Slide {Am I the only one with children who find EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in their rooms fascinating in the mornings? Length of string, broken LEGO, piece of lint? With a slide like this one, our family rule about not running up slides would be most helpful. Once you come down, you stay down}

Megaphone {“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’T HEAR ME ASK YOU TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH!?! Everyone on the street and their dog heard me!”}


{Lost track of the time while creating an art installation out of length of string, broken LEGO and piece of lint, you say? Nope. Absolutely impossible with this monster-sized time-teller}

And while I know my obsession with lunch making does nothing to counter the slowness of our mornings, I stand by my belief that every mama should have her hobbies. Bento lunches are currently one of mine.

What I really need on my frenzied Tuesday mornings is the uber-awesome Jane Jetson walk-thru shower and primper. The one that does it all in less than 30 seconds. Only then would the: inside out yoga pants (yep), Christmas-themed hair scrunchies (uh-huh) and traces of the night before’s calming mud mask around my earlobes (yes, really) be forever banished.


I’ll be better tomorrow. I have to be. It’s Wednesday.


Louise Gleeson is a freelance journalist and mother of four. Her professional portfolio can be viewed at and you can follow along as she shares stories from everyday life on her blog at  You can also find her on twitter @louisegleeson


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