Hurray for a park day!!

I moved to this town, this time last year and met a two moms that I instantly clicked with. We decided to do almost daily trips to the park and a bit later in the season to the beach. We share parenting tips (and problems) and there is always lots of juicy gossip. This year we have expanded our circle and I expect our almost daily trips to the beach and park will be that much more fun for all the kids. It great for us moms as well, the play dates benefit us just as much as the kids.

I always have a first aid kit with me because my philosophy is, if I have it with me I will not need it. If I forget the first aid kit I will need it. My essentials are: tons of band aids, polysporen for kids, baby wipes, a few bottles of water, medicine dropper, a big bottle of benydril, a stick of after bite (all natural)and an exema stick. I also recently found out that to neutralize the bee venom, tape a copper penny to the bee sting. I have not had the pleasure (thank God) of having to test that theory. I also have the baby sunblock, the sports sun block and the waterproof sunblock.

Being a stay at home mom doesn’t mean that I actually spend my entire day at home, in fact, I spend very little time during the warm weather months cooped up in the house. Generally once I get the kids off to school, my youngest and I venture off to the park or the beach for the majority of the day.

Today was a park and picnic day. We went with 4 other moms and their children and let them play till the kids were hungry and then sat down on blankets to have a snack. I am always Leary of the people around us at the park. I always look around and make sure I can see or hear my daughter at all times. With all the reports of attempted child abductions that have surfaced in our town and towns close by to ours, I am just a bit more cautious with all of my children. We go over safety rules on a weekly basis.

I am eager to get a chance to finally spend time at the beach and the new water park. I know my daughter will be elated to see that. from a distance it looks incredible. Gone are the days of hearing “I’m bored!!” between the water park, the beach and the park, I should be über busy this summer with all 4 of my kids. Ok yes I  am not including the days that will be filled with rain and thunderstorms but I am sure I will be able to find something to do with them.


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