Beating the winter BLAAAHHS!

Keeping 4 kids active in during these gloomy winter months has proven quite easy this year.We live in a fairly small town but there is a fair amount to do. My least favorite words are “mom…im bored!” and I very rarely hear them. I try to keep my kids as busy as I can.

Every Tuesday my 3 oldest children go to youth group. It is run by our local church and they enjoy learning about God and playing games with their friends. On Wednesdays, my 3 oldest have martial arts and soon my youngest will join. they spend 45 minutes exercising their whole body and their minds as well. The class they take is a real life super hero class. They are taught not only martial arts but also how to be respectful of others and how nutrition is just as important as excercise and to use integrity in every given situation.

Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays are always our busy days. My two oldest, boys, are from a previous marriage, and go to and from their dads place on those days. We try to take our children bowling on the weekends and also, take them to church almost every Sunday. I believe having faith in God is also helpful in raising well-rounded children.

There are a few other things we have been meaning to do this winter but have not had a chance to do so thus far. We have been planning on taking our children skating at the local arena and tobogganing, however there has not been enough snow and im sure the few inches we got yesterday will be gone by tomorrow.

We certainly cannot wait till the spring as we can get to the park and go for walks and in the summer the beach is an almost daily occurence as is the local ice cream parlor.


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