Eating for two the second time around

If there is one thing that I have noticed about my second pregnancy it is that many of the pregnancy symptoms are heightened.  My lower back pain seems a bit more noticeable, those baby kicks and hiccups came quicker and are much more powerful and my food preferences and cravings have been much stronger.

With my last pregnancy, three years ago, I didn’t have many strong cravings or aversions.  Being six months pregnant now with my second, I’ve noticed an increase in both.  It started with a heightened gagging reflex (yuck!) that haunts me every time I brush my teeth and continues with me while I prepare and eat meals.  Dinner time has been especially tough after a long day at work and entertaining a toddler in the evening. I find I don’t have the motivation to put together meals that I regularly made in the past and when it does come time to sit down and eat I don’t “feel” like eating the prepared meal. This pregnancy brain is always playing tricks on me!

There are a few lifestyle changes I have made since my last pregnancy. We no longer eat dairy since my first child is allergic, we have considerably cut back on eating meat and eat many more vegetarian meals and we eat many more wholesome and organic foods now.

When I was pregnant with my first child I craved food in general, all the time.  I find I’m much more picky this time. My aversions come and go, but the strongest one to date has been to red meat.  I have especially loved eating citrus fruits, especially oranges and grapefruits (yay for Vitamin C and folate!), anything hot (bring on the hot peppers!), pickles and olives (must be the salt!), anything spicy and full of flavour (curry, cumin and ginger are my current favourites) and of course, chocolate (that’s a given with my history).

My son loves hot and spicy foods and I have exposed him to different flavours and spices since I was pregnant with him, then nursing him and then when introducing solids. I wonder how this child’s palette will be shaped because of my eating habits and how it will differ from my first-born?  Will they also enjoy these spicy foods?

Did you have any strong food cravings or aversions during your pregnancy? Were they different with each pregnancy?

Alicia is Mom to E (2 3/4) and expecting her second child in May. You can also find her blogging at I Found My Feet and tweeting at @aliciafagan.



  1. babyyums said

    My cravings for both boys where “salty & sweet with a bit of heat” as I used to call it. Give me anything salt & vinegar … and anything sweet like strawberries with gelato then bring on the heat with hot pepper pickles & spice weird combo but oh so good! My boys both enjoy “salty & sweet with a bit of heat” hhhaa sure maybe it’s my fault but who wants a boring pallet not me nor my kids! My oldest will tell me “Mommy that’s spicy but I like it” Very cute for a 3 yo … my 2 yo just eats whatever we give him he has not gone though that “picky” stage yet (and here’s to hoping he won’t)

  2. thanks for the great post! I work with a lot of young moms and will definitely share it.
    My daughter is now 24…and I remember very well, my biggest craving with her was rootbeer. YES, I know it’s horrible, but it was even worse with my boy (who is now 22) With him I craved coca cola.
    I exercised and ate well and of course limited any soda drinks. But I really did crave those. Oh and one more thing. I love eggs, but under no circumstances could I eat them during my first pregnancy. Psychological? maybe…..haha

  3. Thank you for this post! I have learned a lot from this.

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    • babyyums said


      I’m happy to hear that you learned a lot for this 🙂


  4. Susan said

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