So much for potty training

My 3-year-old is a very tall very sweet strong-willed little girl.  She loves having mommy to herself all day long and is for the most part easy-going. It didn’t take me long to potty train her once she started waking up dry every morning. I started her off by sitting her on the big girl potty when she woke up and she was only given her “milky” after she made pee pee. took her a couple of mornings to get that one down to a fine science.

We bought some pretty panties and had a couple potties in the house here and there until she got the hang of it and then the potties slowly disappeared until there was just the big one left. I waited until the summer before she turned 3 because I had, had so much trouble with a couple of my other children.

I started babysitting my one year old niece last month and noticed that after the first few days my daughter started having accidents. At first I thought it would just stop if I ignored it but, no I was wrong. Then I tried talking to her but that didn’t work either. I realized after the second week that she started this shortly after the baby started coming everyday. she didn’t like having someone take up so much of mommy’s time.

I didn’t think that these accidents would ever stop. so much for potty training! unfortunately for me she wouldn’t wear her training pants any more. going to have to wait it out. My daughter does not like having the gates up across doorways, she doesn’t like having to wait for the things she wants..snacks, sippy cup or what ever, and doesn’t understand why the baby grabs things out of her hands, pulls her hair or bites her when she is mad.

Because my sisters work schedule is divided into different shifts, I have not had to babysit for the last 2 weeks. Guess who is back to her old self but I’m not going to hold my breath because I figure she will regress again when the baby comes back. I will admit though, that the last few accident free days have been amazing!! pretty sad when a great day in mommy’s point of view is a day without having to play “hide and seek with a pile of nuggets” lol


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