It’s all in the cookie cutters at our house.

It’s all in the cookie cutters at our house.

A couple of months ago, I realized my own boredom, when it came to packing my kids’ lunches, was starting to affect which foods were going to school. I was falling into the trap of choosing “convenience” foods because they were easy. It was a disappointing realization, because I really believe in teaching my children the value of good and healthy eating; I was a mama who made all my own baby food, after all.

In the New Year, I declared a change was in order. I went online, I read blogs, I floated around on Pinterest. I found beautiful lunches, that I wanted to eat myself! And more importantly, I saw beautiful messages in those lunches. They seemed to say, “I picked the best and healthiest foods for you because I love you.”

And so the, lunchbox revolution, began at our house. I opted for the Bento Box style so portions are appropriate for their appetites and healthy choices are on display as soon they pop the lid open.

Since my very rudimentary beginning, I’ve continued to find inspiration online, but I’ve also started to throw in some of my own ideas. Mini cookie cutters are my new addiction. At least one of them comes out to play each day: high fives for test and presentation days, a wee heart to ease worries, and a wiener dog when some giggles are in order.

I also stared packing fun mini-muffin liners with treats like popcorn or jelly beans, because I feel the small portion helps them to appreciate the idea these foods are a treat, not a food choice. I think they also show the kids how much fun you can have with food.

The best outcome for me is the fact my kids’ lunchboxes are coming home empty and even better, the notes from teachers about my son having a rough day have disappeared – it seems the fact he used to leave his lunch uneaten was taking its toll.

If you’re struggling with filling lunch boxes, find a great starting point; there are many. Just start reading, there’s inspiration and heart-shaped cheese everywhere!


Louise Gleeson is a freelance journalist and mother of four. Her professional portfolio can be viewed at and you can follow along as she shares stories from everyday life on her blog at  You can also find her on twitter @louisegleeson


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  1. Mireille said

    Love the cookie cutter idea!

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