Our school ritual-every morning

Trying to get my 3 school age children off to school in the morning and my 3 YO daughter ready for her day every morning has become a daunting task. I get up a little over an hour before they do so I can get a shower in, and get their lunches made and have a coffee and feel human before the chaos starts.

I try to make mornings run as smooth as possible but that doesn’t always work.  we are in fact a rather large family by today’s standards. I have also taken on the responsibility of babysitting my 1YO niece during the week which means my morning rush has gotten a little busier.

I came up with my routine a few years ago….ok so 8 is a little more than a few but it works and I refuse to stray from it even though doing the exact same thing, at the exact same time, every day for 8 years becomes monotonous. The only thing that has changed is the number of kids thrown into the mix but they adapt quite well.

They get up at 7 am every morning, get themselves dressed, come down stairs and make their own breakfast, they go back up to wash their faces and hands, and brush their teeth and hair. At 8:30 they get their snow suits on and wait to leave for school. every morning I check their homework and agenda’s and pack their school bags so there are rarely any surprises.

Lunches can be tough sometimes, especially when all my kids are very different and all like different things. Not to mention the fact that I have to be conscious of the ingredient list on everything that goes into their lunches. Their lunches have to be peanut/ tree nut free and now shell-fish free…who sends shell-fish to school with their kids anyways? I also like to go a step further and try very hard to minimize my children’s sugar intake just so that they aren’t behaving like wild animals at school.

Despite the lack of things kids can take to school ( and my children’s dis-like for all things that look like sandwiches) they do have great lunches. here is what my kids take to school ( with very little variation)

– cheese string ,yogurt tube (frozen)

– clementine, whole grain crackers

– bear paw cookie, fruit snacks

and they get milk at school.  Every now and then we switch things up just a little but not a whole lot. Once in a while i send a luncheables with them but it’s usually just the ones that are cheese, crackers and meat, I’ve tried to send pizza bagels or grilled cheeses, but they don’t eat them. I never put anything loaded in sugar.


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