4 kids and we’ve stopped counting

Being a stay at home mom of 4 kids might sound intimidating to some people. It certainly did to me before I became a mom. Each time I found out I was pregnant, I would say ‘what’s one more?’ When I look back, on the last 12 years of my life, I think ” that wasn’t so hard”. I have enjoyed the majority of motherhood. The poop I could have done without. ha ha ha. I think given the opportunity I would have a couple more kids. I think a couple more would fit nicely into our home, however that will not be happening anytime soon if not at all.

I believe the secret to a happy home and a smoothly running large household, is routines, post it notes, lists, and did I mention routines? I am also a bit OCD so everything has a place and everything goes back in its place. I am a bit strict with my children, I don’t allow them to go out after dark, they rarely use the computer, and I monitor who they are friends with. They take martial arts and have learned self-control, discipline,integrity, they use their 8 magic words on a daily basis without needing to be reminded of manners, and of course they are getting a fantastic work out. My faith in God plays a very important role in my life and often find myself saying ‘Lord give me strength’. usually when all 4 of my children are butting heads.

My oldest son is now 12, and an absolute delight. people see him and can’t believe how tolerant, laid back, well-rounded and focussed he is. People ask me how he was when he was a baby. COLICKY for the first 6 months, early walker, early reader, learned 3 languages,using big words like “intelligent” by the age of 2. He excels in what he does because that’s who he is. He reacts badly to failure because he expects more of himself. He holds himself to a higher standard then he should but that’s what makes him who he is.

My 10-year-old son is so much fun. He has a different outlook on life and never ceases to amaze me. he’s a ball of energy and fly’s through life by the seat of his pants. He too is a joy to have. He is impatient and ‘twitchy’ loves to learn new things and is very smart and very funny. He has very little focus due to a need to pack in as much knowledge as possible in as little time as possible. When asked how he was as a baby I say “quiet, happy and loved to sleep. the minute he learned to walk, he had to explore everything…including going for a walk in the fields by himself, at the age of 2, which ended in a 4 hour search involving the police, the k-9 unit, a helicopter and ATV’s. He thought it was a fun day and was very thirsty.

My 7-year-old daughter came into this world on a tidal wave. Such an easy baby to care for, as long as she was fed and clean, she was happy. She is now a force to be reckoned with. She is athletic and stronger than the average boy her age, loves to learn, and has more than enough compassion to go around. She is conscious of other people’s feeling and is a great joy to have around. She loves to help with anything and everything. Be it laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning up her room or helping her sister make her bed or get dressed. She is also a self-proclaimed “the cutest one”.

My 3-year-old, is our little princess. she loves to dance and sign, loves all the girly things like tutu’s and tiara’s. She loves to shop and you never know what she is going to say or to whom.  As a baby, she was all smiles, all the time, spent her time happy in mommy’s arm. She loves to be snuggled and there is a chance I will end up having to home school her due to her clingy-ness.

So these are my children all 4 complete polar opposites of each other but we make it work.


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