Remembering ~ November 11th

Over the years before our children were born my Husband and I would always go to the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Ottawa. It was always something that I took to remember the men and woman who fought for us and our future. In school we always walked down to the ceremonies as my high school was close by. When I was younger I have to admit I did not know more than a red poppy that I used to use as lips. (really) grade 7 & 8 who should have known better.

As I’ve grown and learned more over the time what Remembrance Day is truly about my husband and I have vowed that we will teach our children young, and teach them the respect aspect of the day. When our oldest was born we’d bundle him up and go to the ceremony in Manotick. The bigger crowds where a bit much for a 4 month old. his first ever remembrance day ceremony. I would never want this young generation to forget about the men and women who gave their lives to Canada, it would be such a shame.

Yesterday was the first time that my Husband and I did not physically attend the ceremony. So we turned the T.V. on and watched the ceremony together. My 3yo son was filled with questions of Why, Who, What, Where, When so I told him what I could for a 3yo.
Why: Do we have Remembrance Day? ~ My answer to him: So we remember all the soldiers who fought in a war
Who: Who are the soldiers? ~ My answer to him: They are the Men & Woman who were in the Military
Where: Where are they? ~ My answer to him: Some of them are here today remembering & some of them are up in heaven
When: When did this happen ~ My answer to him: This happened a long time ago and this is why we remember so we never forget

I captured a moment during the ceremony that brought tears to my eye.  My thoughts go everywhere on remembrance day as everyone has their own personal emotions about the day.  We also did crafts of Poppy’s

The Kids Poppy Crafts

~Lest We Forget~


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