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Keeping things organized

So this past weekend I felt so out of sync with keeping organized and on schedule. If there is one thing to know about me I’m a bit compulsive when it comes to being organized. I’m sure it’s just a trite I was born with (laughing)
After a very busy week trying to keep above water with orders that keep coming in (and Thank-you for that) keeps me busy. While running my at home business with two boys & a husband ūüėČ I find it hard sometimes to keep on top of my already organized schedule. I’d like to hear what you do when you feel everything is falling off track?

Here are a few things that keep me going in circles and once I get off path I just try to start over from the beginning however I’m always up for new tips, advice and routines that may help me out more than what I’m doing right now.

So here is what I love to hate to do hhhaa these put me off track and it bugs me to no end is it really going to be the story of my life?

during the week I don’t do laundry I wait till Friday night then the madness begins. Do you fold your laundry the same day? How many loads do you do? How do you keep up with your laundry & the hydro Peek vs Down time?

I tend to do house work during the week when I know I have time to get it done (this is usually done on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday) when my oldest son is in school and my younger one is having a nap) this is when I can tidy up and get what needs to be cleaned “clean”

Now I do have a list of things I’d like to RE: organize and I must give myself a little credit I did get the playroom organized and done now I have to focus on the boy’s room, closest, how do you de clutter and when do you find time when you have little ones?¬† With Christmas around the corner I have to purge a bit of things before all the other little goodies arrive. What do you normally do? What’s your secret as a parent? I’d love to hear them.

Here  are a few photos  of a bad day of folding laundry one thing I hate because this pile took me a good hour to fold but I got it done and once I get it done I feel yahoo!! I did it once again and always think to myself where do all these clothes come from. Feel free to share your laundry photos on our facebook page


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A Five Letter Word ‚Ķ.SLEEP

If you are or have ever been a mom to a newborn or have ever been then this word could have a lot of meaning. Or some of you may be thinking “Sleep, what‚Äôs that?”. I have good news and bad news. I‚Äôll hit you with the bad news first and say that I am not about to solve all your baby and child sleep issues as I am by no means an expert. The good news is that you are not alone.

Every few months I get a call from my husband at some random time of the day asking “What was the name of that book again? The one with the swaddling? You know the magic trick?”. Yes, in our house the acclaimed technique in this book became known as “the magic trick”. Oh if only I had known about this after my child was born.

I will admit that during my first pregnancy I did not read one book. I went to pre-natal class taught by nurses through The City of Ottawa and while I am a planner in all aspects of my life did not feel the need to “plan” for parenting… must have been the hormones. Despite my lack of reading, our daughter was born and we managed not to kill her. During the visit from the nurse at our house she commented on how relaxed I was actually. However, my daughter did not sleep through the night until she was a year and half. There were moments where I thought I would not survive and family and friends expressed their concern.

So the second time around I decided to read 2 books. The first was “The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems” by Tracy Hogg and Melinda Blau. This book gave me loads of tips and enlightened me to some of the “mistakes” I had done the first time around. The biggest piece that I adopted from this books was the E.A.S.Y technique which I followed the minute we arrived home with Owen (4 hours after his birth). This meant that he would Eat, do an Activity, go to Sleep (without the need of being breastfeed first) then I got me (You) time. It made life a whole lot easier.

The second book I read was “The Happiest Baby On The Block” by Dr. Harvey Karp and this became known as “the magic trick”. This book details the 5 S’s: swaddling, side, shhh, swinging and sucking. Our son never cried and could sleep anywhere. It was wonderful! I also discovered the miracle of swaddling blankets (the ones that zip up). This book along with a swaddle pod are my baby gift for anyone expecting.

I know that there are thousands of books out there that many parents find amazing but these were the two that made my second maternity leave bliss and ultimately attributed to Owen being the incredible, happy, easy going kid he is today.

What was the book you read that had an impact for you as a parent?

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Remembering ~ November 11th

Over the years before our children were born my Husband and I would always go to the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Ottawa. It was always something that I took to remember the men and woman who fought for us and our future. In school we always walked down to the ceremonies as my high school was close by. When I was younger I have to admit I did not know more than a red poppy that I used to use as lips. (really) grade 7 & 8 who should have known better.

As I’ve grown¬†and learned more over the time what Remembrance¬†Day is truly about my husband and I have vowed that we will teach our children young, and teach them the respect¬†aspect of the day. When our oldest was born we’d bundle him up and go to the ceremony in Manotick. The bigger crowds¬†where a bit much for a 4 month old. his first ever remembrance day ceremony. I would never want this young generation to forget about the men and women who gave their lives to Canada, it would be such a shame.

Yesterday was the first time that my Husband and I did not physically attend the ceremony. So we turned the T.V. on and watched the ceremony together. My 3yo son was filled with questions of Why, Who, What, Where, When so I told him what I could for a 3yo.
Why: Do we have Remembrance Day? ~ My answer to him: So we remember all the soldiers who fought in a war
Who: Who are the soldiers? ~ My answer to him: They are the Men & Woman who were in the Military
Where: Where are they? ~ My answer to him: Some of them are here today remembering & some of them are up in heaven
When: When did this happen ~ My answer to him: This happened a long time ago and this is why we remember so we never forget

I captured a moment during the ceremony that brought tears to¬†my eye.¬† My thoughts go everywhere¬†on remembrance¬†day as everyone has their own personal emotions about the day.¬† We also did crafts of Poppy’s

The Kids Poppy Crafts

~Lest We Forget~

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