Halloween Party Success!

So for our first ever Halloween party, we had 14 six year old boys and girls over for 2 hours! I must be crazy … is probably what you are thinking. I have to admit that we had over invited because normally for Sydney’s parties we tend to get a lot of people unavailable, however that may be because her birthday is on Canada Day weekend. I did have my moments of panic but decided to write out a party schedule that includes party activities and responsibilities. While this was a great guideline we went with the flow and it was actually a lot of fun and the kids seemed to have a great time!

As the children arrived, all dressed in their costumes, they watched a Halloween cartoon. We had witches, cats, superheroes and ninjas show up ready to party!

Once most of the kids had arrived we moved over to our craft area to do some door knob hangers and drawings. At one moment it was actually quiet and that’s when I got scared.

After crafts, we played the mummy wrap game and the kids went through about a dozen rolls of toilet paper wrapping each other as mummies. It was a huge hit! As the game ended and I saw my entire floor covered in toilet paper, I decided to give a prize to the team that could clean up the fastest. Genius plan and the kids thought it was a great game! We moved onto the kids putting their hands in cups filled with brains, eye balls and guts!

They had all worked up an appetite at that point so we fed the crowd with some healthy treats and Halloween goodies. We finished off the party with freeze dance (many rounds) while we waited for parents to pick up.

Overall, I would say that our first party was a hit!


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