Bragging Rights

One of the perks of being a parent is you almost always have something you think is amazing to say about your kids. Well, here is your chance today!

I will start… as I write this my kids (6yrs and 14 months) are playing and I can hear them laughing.  Where are they playing you might ask? Well that’s the best part… they are in the mudroom, playing in the closet. Apparently my 14 month old, Owen, thinks it’s hilarious to put Sydney in the closet and close the door. He’s developed such a little personality that I find myself having something new to tell my co-workers almost every day.

For example, yesterday when we arrived home from daycare, I put him down as I took off my shoes and coat and he disappeared. I found him sitting in our lounge chair, with his bottle in hand and watching TV. After bath, he goes to get an empty bottle, directs us to the fridge (cuz he wants milk) and then takes one of us by the hand over the couch where he wants to sit. Adorable.

I’d love to hear your “cute” moments. If you’ve read this post, please take a moment to brag about your child(ren)!


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