Happy Thanksgiving!

I’d like to take this time to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I will share with you some of our long time family traditions. Feel free to comment below and share yours. Before children Thanksgiving was always a great start to the fall season. Everyone in jeans and big chunky sweaters. (Not tomorrow with the temps we’re suppose to have) but anyhow growing up it was my favorite holiday just because I knew Christmas was around the corner. Every Thanksgiving one of my family members hosts Thanksgiving (I’m thankful I’m not given this task) as there is over 16+ people to feed. Do any of you have to feed that many people and if so how do you do it? Eventually I’d love to host but will wait till my boys are older (so maybe they can help out)

On our Thanksgiving menu we usually have the following:
mashed potatoes
butternut squash
dinner rolls
& for dessert apple pie & pumpkin pie

this menu has not changed after the kids came along. We still do the same thing each year. Because my husband’s family lives out-of-town we don’t have the 2 or 3 turkey dinners. In fact this year we will be having our family (hubby & both boys) a scaled down Thanksgiving dinner (Turkey, Stuffing, Turnip, gravy, cranberries & pumpkin pie.

If you’d like the recipes that I use for the cranberries & pumpkin pie send an e-mail to info@babyyums.com I will be more than happy to share with you.

Here is a list of things I’m thankful for this 2011 year:

A healthy family and to beautiful boys
A wonderful loving husband
All my family and friends and customers who show me support with Baby Yums
The house I live in
The food I’m able to eat and share each day to survive
most of all I’m thankful to be living this life

here is one family tradition we as a whole do each year. We do sitdown meals the whole 16+ & during dinner we go around the table and tell everyone what we are most thankful for on this day. It has always been a tradition that I will pass on to my boys. Just makes you reflect a little deeper in the meaning on what is for giving & thanks.

I leave you on this note:
Baby Yums has a deal for Thanksgiving weekend. Because I would like to give you something all you have to do is e-mail info@babyyums.com the deal you think would be best for you from Baby Yums (example: Buy 3 orders get 1 free) that sort of deal when you e-mail me and I like your deal the deal is yours. If I think it needs to be modified a little I will let you know. This is my Thanks to you and my giving back.

Hope everyone is stuffed after this weekend only 2 months till Christmas (just saying)



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