Trick or Treat! Our first Halloween Party!

Now that Sydney is 6 years old, she has come to want to have friends over to the house. Once a month I organize a play date with close friends and through some of my online groups. Well this year, I have decided to have a Halloween Party. I may regret this later but I know that Sydney will love it.

There is also no turning back because back in June, The Cupcake Fairy ( had a great Sweet Deal that gave me 2 dozen cake pops for only $20.00 which was a 50% savings. I just had to buy it and pre-ordered for Halloween.

So where to start planning a Halloween party that will consist of several 6 year olds and a bunch of one year olds (because Owen has to invite friends as well). Well I turned to my trusted advisor, Google.

Decorations and food are the easy parts. How the heck and I going to entertain them all?

Here are some great ideas I found online:

  • Dance contest to the Monster Mash.
  • Silly hats: pick up old hats from the thrift store and decorate.
  •  Pin the stem on the pumpkin
  • Halloween Feel Box – Slimy, gross, and creepy!
  • Skeleton Scavenger Hunt
  • Re-assemble the Halloween skeleton.
  • Mini pumpkin decorating
  • Halloween Bingo
  • Mummy wrap: caution toilet paper will be harmed during this game.
  • Witch hunt: kids race around the house to find hidden witches

Ottawa Start ( and Ottawa Information Guide ( has some great ideas and events going on over Halloween weekend.

If you have some fun Halloween party idea, we’d love to hear them!

Whatever you do during Halloween, have fun and be safe! I will let you know how the party goes.


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  1. babyyums said

    Would love to see photos of your cake pops 🙂 & a few photos to share (if you’d like) I will post some great go to website For Halloween and what the Murphy’s tradition is 😉 great blog post Jennifer ❤ it!

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