As a mom the feeling of change

Wednesday was the first official day I dropped my oldest son who is 3yo off at preschool. He goes 3x’s a week half day. When I walked in he was holding my hand not wanting to let go. Then he decided to make himself at home and play with some play-doh. I went over to him and said. “Mommy will see you in a bit, have fun and be good. He looked at me and said O.K. Mommy as I then walked away out the door and tried my hardest not to look back. I kept walking and I had an overwhelming feeling of change. Wow this is it this is where it all changes. Yes I know it’s preschool and I still have my baby at home in the morning and 2 full days during the week but the change of transition is heading this way to fast. Everyone around me with older children always said to me “It goes to fast, it goes so quick don’t rush it” Now  I will repeat these words to new parents and it’s something I can say I took for granted. I still have my youngest at home who is 18 months so I’m giving him all of my inner feelings of wanting to hold on yet excited to let go at the same time. As a parent/care giver have you ever had this feeling? If so I’d love to hear what you went though and how did you deal with the inner emotions? I’m all over the place with my emotions, I’m happy, sad, excited, worried and I don’t want to be the parent who hover..

For myself personally what is getting me over the change of things is having my youngest till at home with me, and also knowing that my 3yo loves preschool and there was no tears when I left.  Seeing him run to me and smile and yelling Mommy when he seen me took most of my emotions that where negative away. Our family is growing we’re going through a good transition right now that includes:

  • Preschool 3x’s a week
  • Potty training my 18 month old
  • Both boys moving in the same room together in side by side beds
  • Setting up new playroom for the boys

with all these little activities going I think that’s what makes me strong a a Mother. I always have to have something to do otherwise my head spins in circles and I don’t know what to do let alone to do with my Children. I know I’m not the only Mom out there that feels like this. I also love the therapy that Baby Yums has given me. First off to in tract with new Moms, Dads & Caregivers nice to meet new people, and also it allows me to get out of the house. Cooking is like going to a spa for me it’s relaxing, rewarding and I feel good at the end of the day knowing that I’m feeding a child healthy food just like there parents would if they had the time.  At the end of each day this is what puts me in my happy place and calms me down and not be the worry of a Mother that I vowed never to be. Question for you feel free to comment: What is one thing that your Parents did when you where a Child/Teenager/Adult that you vow you will never do because it annoys you? And what is one thing that you do that your children will probably vow they would never do?

My answers
1. I vowed never to be a nag and to repeat things over and over and over again! (As this was something my Mom did & still dose to this day) *bless her heart* xxoo

2. 1 thing I think my sons will vow never to do that I do. Probably nit pick at cleaning up. I’m forever picking up after them and always chanting the Clean up song “It’s Clean up time, It’s Clean up time! Can you help mommy with clean up time?” hhhaaa so I guess that could be a “nag and repeat things over and over” Yikes I am like my Mom hhhaaa thought you’d get a chuckle!

Say it like it is! Today is Friday. TGIF Have a wonderful weekend and share this post if you’d like.




  1. JAmie said

    Oh Crystal, you just made me cry when i read this. My oldest just started school a few weeks ago and is still adjusting. My baby just started daycare and it all so overwhelming! It is somewhat comforting knowing that others are going through this and are surviving the emotional rollercoster just like me. Hang in there! It is yet another milestone that they need to accomplish.

    • babyyums said

      JAmie that’s why I had to write this because sometime you just feel alone with it all and having feedback is great! Thanks for making a comment 🙂 we all need (HUGS) sometimes!!! 🙂

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