Have you heard about the deals?

Have you heard about the deals that Baby Yums is having? We have a bunch of exciting deals for the month of September.

First deal is our “Deal of the Day”. This is great for sampling a few goodies that Baby Yums has to offer. If you go to our fanpage you will notice our deal of the day is located under DISCUSSIONS. It’s real easy how you can take advantage of our deal of the day. All you have to do is make a comment below the “deal of the day” and it’s yours. The price and all addition information is located there for you. What is included in the deal of the day, where it can be picked up and contact info.

Another great deal that Baby Yums is buy 24 teething cookies for $10.00 and get 1 reusable  snack bag from Baby’s Breath design. There is still 6 free bags to give away. Once they are all gone don’t worry you can place an order with Baby’s Breath design .  Baby Yums September promotion will also have the opportunity to get one free small reusable snack bag with the purchase of any set of 3 reusable bags! To take advantage of this special offer send me an email at scrosbie@live.ca with the promo code is BBD09

If you have not heard the spotlight fruit of the month is Apples. We’re looking for great recipes that include apples. Feel free to post your favorite apple recipe or e-mail info@babyyums.com and share!

Any questions please feel free to e-mail me. Take advantage of some great deals!!


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