Blind Dating for Moms

As the minutes tick by (at 11:36pm) and I know I should be sleeping because tomorrow is a work/school day my mind is intrigued by the idea of writing for yet another blog (I manage a blog in my work life). Let me introduce myself.  My name is Jennifer Mitchell and I am a mother of two amazing children and wife of almost 9 years to a very loving, patient and passionate man. I have been living in Ottawa for almost 9 years and my family is back home in Cornwall. Aside from being a workaholic mom, I love to scrapbook, run/bike, and teach dance. I have been working for the same non-profit organization for almost 8 years and do truly love my job. When people ask me if it was difficult to go back to work after maternity leave,  I generally respond honestly with “no, not really” and feel a twinge of guilt. I love my children and do love being a mom. I can say that going back this second time was much more difficult because I discovered the online world of “mom-to-mom blind dating”. For those of you who are pregnant, know someone who is pregnant or about to have your first child, you have to get in on this. Seriously, it saved my life (and my husband’s sanity) during my second pregnancy. A friend of mine told me about online groups through Meetup that help moms get connected to other moms for play dates and I thought I would try it out. I attended my first meet up only 6 weeks after Owen was born. A little unsure of what to expect,  I walked into KidKaf wearing Owen in a Blue Celery wrap (which I will rave about in another blog post) only to meet some amazing, friendly, and just as nervous as me moms. Since my first experience was so great, I kept attending meet ups on a regular basis in various locations through the west end. This is actually how I met Crystal, owner of BabyYums of course!! I started hosting weekly play dates and my social calendar started to fill up quickly. These online communities are amazing resources that I share with every new mom I met because it allowed me to get out, socialize and share experiences (good and bad) with other moms. It was often very comforting to hear that I was not the only one going through something. Now that I am back at work, play dates have obviously changes but I now have an amazing group of new friends that I still get to see regularly. is not only for moms though. They have an incredible amount of groups for scrapbooking, hockey, running… you name it and there is probably a group out there. Check it out and share with friends!!



  1. Emily said

    I also love!! I am a member of a few groups there, and also the Ottawa Community Organiser for I thought I would leave the link here because it is also a great resource for new moms (and dads)! That is also how I met Crystal ; ) It actually started as a MeetUp group and is now an independent, non-profit website that offers workshops, meetups, support groups and online forums and articles. : D Thanks for the great blog, meeting other parents who can relate to your present situation is such an important part of the parenting journey! Take care : )

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