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Where my love for food comes into play! Before my two beautiful boys came into my life I always enjoyed being in the kitchen. I’d rush home from work thinking what can I make tonight for dinner. Fridays where the best because I knew I could make something extra fancy and fun and really sit down relax and enjoy the meal that I was about to eat. Lets fast forward a few years from then two children after my love for food is still the same. My love for food has changed to making special meals when the kids are away. I don’t make the fancy meals that I made before my children came into my life as much as I did before as they are more work to cook and less enjoyable when it has to be “quick” with kids. The cook in the house now is both my…

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Another approach to HEAD LICE!!!

Keeping the kids bug free when you have 4 kids is always a challenge. I have always loved a good challenge. I’m not talking about just any old bugs, im talking about lice. I’ve been told that kindergarten is a hot spot for lice and its a constant battle. now that my youngest daughter is in school this year, I think its very important that I stay a step ahead of it.

I usually don’t worry too much about the boys getting lice because I try to keep their hair short and I generally put tea tree oil in their shampoo. The girls having longer hair, I try to enforce the ‘dont share hats, combs or whatever rule’ as well as using the tea tree spiked shampoo and lots of conditioner. I also spend an obsene amount of time picking through their hair and tie it up in nice tight braids.

3 years ago, my oldest daughter brought home head lice, so like the OCD mom that I am, I went at this with a game plan. The two girls had gotten them so, first I doused everyone’s head in tea tree oil, then I used Avon skin so soft jellied bath oil to smother the lice and eggs, that stayed on for a couple of hours.

Because my youngest was so small I didn’t want to use the shampoo from the drug store because it is considered a pesticide so i took a different approach. Knowing that you need to kill the bugs, slide the eggs out and smother what you miss, these are the tools I used and yes they worked very well

I went through the house and vacuumed all the furniture, washed all the blankets in scalding hot water, and put all the toys in garbage bags. after all of that, I went through the house with the bug spray and did the walls, windows and every other hard surface I could find.

I sat each of the girls down and slowly picked through their hair with a very fine comb and a towel to wipe the nits and dead bugs off on. It took me hours to go through their hair but I did it. then I washed the oil out of their hair and ran a bit of tea tree oil through it for good measure.  We have never encountered it since ( knock on wood and fingers crossed).



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Happy New Year!…

Happy New Year!! 2013 ~ A Mom who blogs with her 2 beautiful Children ~ In a life of a Parent!

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too many cooks in the kitchen ?

Even though they spend hour upon hour with me each day, my children never seem to tire of my company and always want more of it. One of the places they love to seek me out is in the kitchen and having four kids means it’s a place I spend a lot of time.

The thing is, I really like to be alone in the kitchen. My kids are always eager to help and I’m always shooing them out of my space. Lately, I’ve started to feel guilty about it. Cooking together is such a great thing; learning the importance of healthy choices, working on math skills, practicing cooperation, inheriting family recipes, creating memories.

And I know this because as a child I spent a lot of time standing beside my mom during dinner prep. She wasn’t a Betty Crocker – all bake sale items were bought from the grocery store and dumped into tupperware for disguise – but she is an excellent authentic chinese cook. And I absolutely loved standing beside her sizzling wok, handing her spices or throwing chopped veggies into the sparkling oil.

I was her “taster”, the one who told her if there was enough flavour in the dish-of-the-night before she brought it to the table to be served. I doubt she really needed my input, she made those dishes hundreds of times, after all. But I’m sure it was her way of teaching and I did learn.

Years later, I’m making many of her signature dishes for my family and take great pride in knowing how much they enjoy them. One of our family favourites is my mom’s steamed pork and egg dish (recipe and photo provided by noobcook.com)

Just the aroma of this dish is enough to bring my kids running in anticipation.

And so I’m going to use it as my inspiration to take my ear buds out (okay, so sometimes I like to bring my ipod into the kitchen for company) and pull up some chairs and start the teaching.

What about you? Do your kids join you stove-side?

Louise Gleeson is a freelance journalist and mother of four. Her professional portfolio can be viewed at www.louisegleeson.com and you can follow along as she shares stories from everyday life on her blog at www.latenightplays.com. You can also find her on twitter @louisegleeson

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kevin dooley / Free Photos

And so begins back to school crunch time-as I like to call it. With just a bit less than 2 weeks left of summer vacation, I would like to think that I am just about ready to send my kids back to school.

The question is, are they ready? Have I checked and re-checked my back to school to do/ to buy/ already have list? Have I put my children’s names on all their belongings in black sharpy? Have I made a groceries list of school approved snacks, made sure that I have drink and snack containers that are easy enough to open for all 4 of my children?

The answer, if you were wondering, is YES!! I am ready for back to school…for the most part. the last thing on my list is new clothes but that will be done probably tomorrow. How do I stay organized all year-long? many different colored post it notes and two or three very large wall calendars, a large 4 subject note-book, as well as the memo app on my iPhone.

Here is a sample of my lists as I write them down in my note-book before they end up on post its and memos and calendars.

  • To buy:
    calculators  x 3,
    protractor set  x  2,
    Pencils  x 3,
    Pencil crayons x 3,
    Markers  x 3,
    erasers x 3,
    pencil sharpeners  x 3,
    crayons  x 1,
    Indoor shoes x 4
    all 4 kids need jeans, shirts, underpants and socks
  • Already have:
    Backpacks  x 4,
    Lunch bags  x 4,
    Outdoor shoes x 4,
    Pencil cases  x 3,
    flexible Rulers x 3,
  • To Do:
    Pack supplies in pencil cases
    write names on shoes,
    cases and bags with sharpy
    hang pre packed bags on hooks in closet
    Organize fridge and cupboard for quick and easy access to their favorite snacks
    freeze a bunch of yogurt tubes
    make breakfast muffins, oatmeal, carrot, banana

And there you have one of my many lists.It’s not written the exact way I would have written it down but it is what it is. I have lists for everything and usually start planning for the first day of school on the last day of the previous school year. I start planning for things usually about 2 months in advance. my next gigantic list will be christmas. this will take the most planning and will probably be my november blog post.

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Hello, Baby Yums World!

Hello, Baby Yums World!

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to be guest-blogging today for Crystal at Baby Yums! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be a part of the Baby Yums blog every month!

My name is Mama Lego and I write over at Healthy Foodies, Losing Booties! I am so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and passing on health and fitness tools (that I’m learning about every day!) for my kids to use in their lives daily. You can also find me on Twitter (finally just made an account!) https://twitter.com/MamaLego and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/MamaLegosHappyPlace


Apples = GOOD! Candy = well, good, but BAD!

I figured for my first post, I’d give you a bit of my background.

So, it’s no secret that I was a chubby girl for the majority of my life. I liked to eat. Lots. Healthy stuff too, like ice cream (calcium!), kraft dinner with hot dogs (there’s milk in the cheese mix! And protein in the wieners!), pizza (vegetable toppings, tomato sauce), and Doritoes (well that’s just a feel-good food).


this is me at my largest, holding my baby boy

I wasn’t overly physically active as a kid. Or as a teen. Or as a young adult. Or (meh, you get the picture). The most running I did was chasing after those ice cream boys pushing their carts on a bicycle? (dickidees, I think they were called?).

And shamefully, the most exercise I got as an adult was delivering my babies (ashamed of my lack of exercise, not the part about having my babies! They’re really cool!).

As the days turned to months, my babies got bigger, I got bigger (well, wider) and I was finding it hard to keep up with my kids. We did lots of puzzles, lots of reading, tons of cuddling … And zero physical activity. Being active was rare for us.

Don’t worry, this story gets better.

Everything changed this past February. My husband and I kick-started our family (Team Lego!) into a healthy, active life. We rarely eat out anymore (we KNOW what goes into our homemade meals!), we live at our local Farm Boy, and are CoNsTaNtLy on the go. Soccer. Park. Walks. Tag.


Post-run picture with my babies 🙂

I’ve taken up running. ME! RUNNING! And I’m in love with it. The reformed couch potato is now a fitness enthusiast. Who’d have ever thought?!

I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my life. Awesome husband, incredible kids, making healthy food choices that makes me body feel great, and happily exercising. I’m learning so much about nutrition and fitness and have become such a dork about them!

I’ve lost fifty pounds now on my weight loss journey .. I have lots left to lose, which means I’ll have lots left to blog about. I can’t wait to continue sharing my stories with you!

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Peach Crumble Bars

Peach Crumble Bars.

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